October 2018, 21st-24th

Dr Nick Henwood is supporting the The British Plastics Federation, a UK-based industry body, to launch a scheme to directly counteract negative perceptions of plastic in young people.  The Polymer Ambassador program has recruited a group of volunteer practitioners and Nick has signed up to the programme.  As an Ambassador, he will go into schools to explain and demonstrate some of the more positive aspects of the industry.  The programme is based on providing children with a series of hands-on demonstrations and experiences in plastic-related areas.

In addition to this, Nick will be presenting a day-long training seminar in conjunction with Dr Gareth McDowell of 493K.

The Seminar theme is “Controlling the Interface between Process & Materials in Rotomolding”.  It will explore, in depth, the way in which material properties and process control interact during rotomolding.  The presenters will demonstrate how the best way to make consistently good parts is to properly understand both important aspects – simultaneously.

Covering both basic and advanced elements of each subject, attendees will be shown how material properties affect process variables and vice versa. The key teaching tool will be practical demonstration, to illustrate concepts in a real time experience.  Two desktop rotomolding machines will be used, in tandem, to show the inter-dependence of a variety of factors.

As a further extension of the subject, the challenges of molding multi-layers and non-polyethylene material combinations will also be discussed and demonstrated.

Attendees can expect to experience a high level of interest and excitement as the seminar unfolds. During practical demonstrations, real-time process monitoring data will be displayed and discussed, interspersed with background information displayed on an additional screen.

Given its full coverage of both basic and advanced elements for each subject, this course will be suitable for attendees with a range of existing knowledge and experience. There will be multiple opportunities for discussion and participation throughout the day.

September 2018, 16th-18th

Dr Nick Henwood to Present at ARMO International Conference, Hamburg, 16 – 18 September 2018

The presentation at the Hamburg meeting of the Affiliation of Rotomoulding Organisations (ARMO) is entitled “Pigments and Weatherability in PE” and will be presented on behalf of one of Rotomotive’s key clients, Broadway Colours Limited.

It seeks to improve general understanding about pigment fading; this is a widespread issue because the vast majority of rotomoulded parts are destined for outdoor use.  After prolonged exposure, colours have a tendency to fade, with a consequent reduction is aesthetic appeal, as well as a reduction in functionality and overall performance.

A review will be given, spanning the period 1950 to present day, of the history of pigment development for rotomoulding and the special factors that influence pigment choice for rotomoulded parts. This will provide an explanation of why pigment choices remain relatively limited and why finished material costs can sometimes be considerably higher than expected.

Finally, some real-world data will be given, using the results of recent trials undertaken at Broadway Colours, to measure weatherability by a selection of different test methods.

September 2018, 10th

Michael Ellis, MP, Northampton North joins Rotomotive at a Plastic Reduction Event

“The event was designed for businesses across the country within the plastics industry in order to outline the danger that plastic waste can have on the environment and how best the plastics industry can move forward to reduce plastic waste.

Even though a great deal has been done to reduce the use of plastic bags, straws etc there is no doubt that plastics of all sorts remain in heavy use and businesses dealing with plastics remain very important to the UK economy and to many different industries. Plastic waste, however, can have such a detrimental effect on the environment, especially plastic which finds its way into our rivers and oceans and which harm wildlife. That is why an event like the one I attended is so important.

I joined a local Northampton business Rotomotive Ltd at the event; Rotomotive Ltd is a local company which I first visited in 2013. It specialises in supplying technical consultancy services to the rotational moulding industry worldwide. Rotomotive Ltd has some very strong knowledge of the industry and it is important that we talk and listen to those who know the plastics industry and involve them in the discussions about how we can reduce our plastic waste and usage. Rotomotive Ltd is a good example of a Northampton-based company which has a strong standing and good knowledge of their own sector.

It is imperative that we take action to reduce plastic usage and waste.”

July 2018

Dr Nick Henwood recently completed a consultancy assignment in Thailand, assisting the research team at PTT Global, a major petrochemicals company.

The contract included provision of specialist training to a group of scientists and engineers who are involved in the development of polyethylene-based rotomoulding materials.

The contract includes on-going consultancy, to provide further development of people and products.

February 2018

ARM launches online training for rotomoulding – after years of work, the Association of Rotational Molders has launched an online operator training program and is providing it free to ARM members…Nick Hewood, ARM’s Technical Director, will conduct many of the sessions…read more

November 2015

World-renowned rotational moulding expert, Dr Nick Henwood, is to join the Technical Team at Broadway Colours Limited

April 2014

Rotomotive presenting at the BPF’s Materials Seminar, 8th April 2014 – Nick Henwood’s presentation available for download soon


Rotomotive Invited to Present at ANTEC 2014


Rotomotive Invited to Present at ANTEC 2013