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Rotomotive completed a training assignment during November / December 2012 for Amber Plastics Limited, a leading UK-based custom rotomoulder.

Derrick Round, Managing Director of Amber Plastics, commented:

“The success of the rotomoulding process is very dependent on operator skills. With over 34 years of experience in the rotomoulding industry, Amber knows that in house training goes a long way to develop these skills but complimenting this with external training brings the best rewards.

I contacted Rotomotive to discuss Amber’s current needs and agreed with Dr Nick Henwood a suitable programme to refresh our senior operators’ skills and to cover the fundamentals of the process for our newer recruits.

Breaking the training sessions ino a series of manageable half day sessions meant minimum impact on Amber’s daily production and also allowed the operators to concentrate and absorb Nick’s presentations.

All of our operators understand Amber’s continuing commitment to skills development and the feedback from them was that Rotomotive’s presentation had been a valuable contribution to this development.”