For many years, rotomoulding has been a process that has enjoyed strong growth; even in developed markets, like Europe and North America, growth was for several decades two to three times the general economic GDP for these areas.  More recently, developing markets, such as Latin America, the Far East and Africa/Middle East have also developed strongly, mainly on the back of infrastructure growth.  Although the world financial crisis took its toll on all manufacturing sectors, rotomoulding appears to have substantially bounced back and growth rates are still good, even if not yet at their former high levels.  Many rotomoulding market application niches tend to be regional in nature, due to the large size of many hollow rotomoulded products; potential cost savings from offshore manufacture tend to be negated by high unit shipment costs.  In developed markets, these positive indicators are still prevalent today, but there is growing concern that future growth in the roto process is being threatened by the lack of suitable plastic raw materials, with which to build new applications and product/market segments.  see more